Ice Cream Parlor – Castelrotto

Self-made ice cream without and addition of coulorants and preservatives.

Since 01. January 2019, the ice cream parlor in the center of Castelrotto (former Ice Cream parlor Silvia) belongs to our company.

We place great importance on the highest quality in our ice cream production and at the same time we relinquish colorants, preservatives and artificial emulsifiers. Our business partner and supplier for milk and milk products is the dairy in Brixen (BRIMI). We also have high standards for raw materials that we can‘t purchase in our region. We get e.g. our vanilla from Madagascar, lemons from Sorrento (IGP), hazelnuts (IGP) & cherries from Piemont and pistachios from Bronte (DOP). Seasonally we use regional fruits e.g. strawberries & raspberries.

Our ice creams are all gluten-free and our sorbets are vegan.


You will find the following flavours in our assortment:

vanilla, dark chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio,

yogurt, milk ice cream with forest fruits, amarena, stracciatella,

pineapple, blood orange, strawberry, green apple,

tiramisú, honey, cookies, caramel, malaga,

raspberry, chestnut & chocolate, kiwi, coconut,

mango, apricot, passion fruit, elder blossom,

blackberry, lemon, melon, white chocolate & lime.



Where you can find our ice cream parlor