Sweets around the chestnut

Chestnut hearts: the self-made chestnut mash (chestnuts and icing sugar) is heart-shaped, dipped in dark or white chocolate and garnished with sweetened cream. Our chestnut hearts are low in gluten*.

Chestnut pie: Our chestnut pie is low in gluten and has an intensive chestnut and hazelnut taste.

Chestnut tartlet: Our chestnut tartlet is made out of several different layers. Alternating there are hazelnut sponge cakes filled with chocolate cream, chestnut cream and cream.

Chestnut heart ice cream: We prepare the own creation in our ice cream parlor. The milk base and  the cooked chestnuts are worked into an ice cream. Finally, the ice cream  is marbled with dark couverture.



Tradition godparent gift

We produce this handmade, delicious yeast pastry in three different sizes. Due to ancient traditions, the godchild receives for All Saints’Day and for Easter a hen (girl) or a bunny (boy) made of yeast dough. This rate is from grandmothers’ times: Since there wasn‘t any money for expensive gifts in the past, the godparents just gave the godchild a sweet meal. It was a sign considering that the godchild never had to suffer from hunger when he/she was with his/her godparent. This yeast pastry is also called sweet „Fochaz“.