Christmas cookies

Every year a new creation

A small selection of cookies can be found throughout the year in our assortment. For Christmas you can choose from over 25 different types of cookies, from traditional „Spitzbube“ to juicy gingerbread cookies and cinnamon stars to our buckwheat cookies; there is something for everyone. For several years, we have been creating a new Christmas cookie every year. Be curious about the taste experience this Christmas in our pastry waiting for you.


Our own creations


2012 – Buckwheat cookies

Buckwheat shortcrust filled with raspberry jam


2013 – “Linzerlen” cookies

Hazelnut-spiced shortcrust filled with raspberry jam


2014 – Chocolate hearts

Chocolate shortcrust filled with cocoacream


2015 – Vanilla stars

Vanilla shortcrust filled with nougat


2016 – red wine hearts

Red wine shortcrust filled with jam made of different fruit


2017 – Cherry chocolate cookies

Spiced shortcrust filled with cherry–rum jam


2018 – Baked apple cookies

Hazelnut shortcrust filled with baked apple jam


2019 – Poppy-lingonberry cookies

Poppy shortcrust filled with lingonberry jam