Daily assortment

Durable pastries

You will find shortcrust pastries with a longer durability year-round in our assortment;

Classic „Spitzbuben“, chocolate „Spitzbuben“, „Nussknacker“, „Florentiner“, vanilla short crust horseshoes or cocoa short crust horseshoes.



Our self-made croissant are made with a lightweight pastry dough. We fill our croissant with:

Apricot jam, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, poppy filling, hazelnut filling, curd cheese filling or we leave them unfilled. We also prepare our delicious curd cheese strudel with Danish pastry.


Yeast pastries

We offer throughout the whole year „Buchteln“ and plaits made out of yeast paste. The Buchteln are a specialty of our pastry shop and are filled with apricot jam. Seasonally we also prepare Krapfen and fill them with apricot jam, vanilla cream or chocolate cream. On order we also prepare small Krapfen.



Cherry streusel cake, apple-poppyseed (low in gluten*), Linzer and curd cheese-cocoa are our trybakes which we offer alternately throughout the year. In summer, there are also apricot pies and in autumn we prepare plum pies as well as our delicious chestnut-hazelnut-pie (low in gluten*).


Slices of cakes

We break with the traditional model of cutting the slices out of round cakes.We offer our slices of cakes cube.shaped. Sacher and buckwheat cake are a delicous gift. We also afford seasonal alternating fruit, chokolade cream, Tiramisù, raspberry-yoghurt, mango/passion fruit, flocken, Gianduia, black forest, curd cheese, poppyseed/lingonberry, Saint Honorè, Andreas Hofer and chestnut cream cakes.


Apple Strudel

We prepare our apple strudel with shortcrust pastry and puff pastry. The strudel filling consists of apples, raisins, breadcrumbs, sugar, rum, cinnamon and lemon. Packed on site, you can choose from the small pack for about 3 servings (850g) and the large pack for about 6 servings (1.700g).We recommend reserving the packed apple strudel! A sweet reminder of your vacation in the Altopiano dello Sciliar and an ideal gift for your family, acquaintances, friends or work colleagues at home.