Colombe & Co.

For Easter you will find many self-made products made of yeast dough, sand mass, chocolate or a salty Fochaz.




Colomba(easter pigeon): The “Colomba” is a typical Italian yeast pastry, which is baked for Easter. Raisins and candy fruit (classic) or chocolate chips and walnuts (extra) are added to the soft dough, and the surface is decorated with almonds or chocolate. According the legend, the custom of the Easter pigeon dates back to the 12th century, when during a war two white pigeons had landed near the Milanese troops and symbolized divine assistance.


Paschal Lamb: the dough is poured into a lamb cake pan and baked. After cooling, we decorate the Easter lamb and pack it. Together with ham, Fochaz and eggs, the lamb can be taken in the Easter basket for food blessing.





Hen & bunny made of yeast dough: this self-made, delicious yeast pastry is prepared in three different sizes. Due to ancient traditions, the godchild receives for All Saints’Day and for Easter a hen (girl) or a bunny (boy) made of yeast dough. This rate is from grandmothers’ times: Since there wasn‘t any money for expensive gifts in the past, the godparents just gave the godchild a sweet meal. It was a sign considering that the godchild never had to suffer from hunger when he/she was with his/her godparent. This yeast pastry is also called sweet „Fochaz“.





Easter wreath: the easter wreath is also braided of a soft yeast dough. The wreath is sprinkled with coarse sugar after baking and a boiled egg is placed in the mittle oft he wreath.






Chocolate bunnies & eggs: we offer our self-made chocolate bunnies in four different sizes. In addition we also proffer chocolate eggs in two diverse sizes. The mold-made chocolate products are prepared of white, whole milk, ruby and dark couverture.



Fochaz: For Easter we offer our Fochaz in three different sizes. The anise-flavored yeast dough is shaped round, flattened and dotted giving a star shape. A lovely fragrant Easter Fochaz with some horseradish and Easter ham is part of Easter aswell as the Easter egg hunt.